What Is Gluten Cross Contamination:

Gluten Cross Contamination happens when gluten is accidentally introduced into Gluten Free food. This can happen when the same strainer is used to drain both gluten free and regular pasta, or the same pan is used to make gluten free pancakes after it was used to make regular  wheat-based pancakes. You can have cross contamination when you use the same spatula for both gluten free and gluten-containing food.  Cross contamination can occur at  home, restaurants, grain processing facilities, and commercial bakeries. 

 Why is Cross Contamination a Serious Problem:

Cross contamination is a serious problem when gluten free food becomes contaminated and then consumed by a gluten sensitive person they can have an inflammatory reaction and severe digestive symptoms.   Once gluten is removed from your daily diet, gluten sensitivity increases and gluten cross-contamination symptoms can be more severe. Preventing cross-contamination is a priority for keeping safe on a Gluten-free diet.  

Preventing Gluten Cross contamination at home:

Keeping separate pots, pans and utensils is the best way to prevent accidental gluten cross-contamination at home. Once you have the separate kitchenware, you need to identify the gluten-free utensils, so they don't get used for gluten-based products. Do not use the same kitchen utensils such as pasta strainers, spatulas and baking sheets for both gluten free and gluten containing foods. Keep your gluten free kitchen utensils labeled and only use for gluten free items. See the Simply G Free Kitchen Kit for a simple way to identify the Gluten free pots, pans, utensils and even food in your kitchen.

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